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“Why Aren’t I Getting More Done?” with Sydney Barrows

April 20, 2016 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Sydney Barrows

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients, colleagues and yes, even my friends, is that they just aren’t getting things done.  It ranges from feeling that they aren’t getting as much done as they’d like, to simply not getting some important things done at all.

And of course there has to be a reason for this, so they believe it’s because:

  • they’re lazy
  • they don’t work hard enough
  • there just isn’t enough time (my personal favorite)
  • they need to be more focused and efficient
  • they’re not organized enough
  • they aren’t prioritizing effectively
  • they’re procrastinators
  • they’re too easily distracted

and that’s the short list!

Playing the blame game

Now all of these may be true to a certain extent (well, let’s hope not all of them!), but this isn’t what’s really going on.  You think one or more of these are the problem or your problem, but that’s not accurate.

They’re actually the EFFECT.  The effect or result of your limiting beliefs, your shadow beliefs and the beliefs you picked up or that were imposed on you by others.

Standard Operating Procedure

Those of you who write sales copy, do webinars or make presentations know that you’re always supposed to, in some fashion, assure the reader or audience that “It’s not your fault.”

And much of the time that’s actually true, although their prescription for how to fix it doesn’t necessarily work because what they’re trying to sell you isn’t addressing the core issue.

“So what the heck IS the core issue???”

“How come I have people all around me accomplishing so much and I’m not?”

I’ll tell you exactly why on your April Member call titled Why Aren’t I Getting More Done?

Join me on:

Wednesday, April 20th  

4pm EDT, 3pm CDT, 2pm MDT and 1pm PDT

Register right now to reserve your spot

On this call I’ll reveal:

  • The three key issues we all have that keep you from getting something accomplished
  • The three basic categories of limiting beliefs that make it between difficult and impossible to reach your goals
  • The three most insidious and common shadow beliefs you won’t believe you hold


Instead of Powerseats, this month I’m giving mini discovery sessions so you can find out what’s blocking you or holding you back from getting stuff done.

Can’t be there live?

Got you covered!  Everyone who registers for the call will receive a link to the replay, so register here now and submit your questions on the webcast page starting 48 hours before the call (using the link in the confirmation email).

It’s going to be a really interesting call this month, I hope you join us!

With warm wishes for your happiness, prosperity and success,



April 20, 2016
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Sydney Barrows