Baby or Puppy? Which do you have?

baby or puppy

There are essentially two types of businesses: hobby businesses and gotta-make-m.o.n.e.y-businesses.

If you have a hobby business and that works for you, then this article doesn’t pertain to you (you can read it anyway if you wish).

If you have a gotta-make-m.o.n.e.y-business however, you want to read on. . .

Where templates go awry

Sexy Systems

A couple of weeks ago I received an email about a webinar replay.  The note’s subject line and first paragraph were all about how amazing, how wonderful the call was and how I’d want to listen in right away. Pretty much the standard of what’s sent after as part of a replay sequence. Flash forward…
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No Man is an Island

Nauset 4

We all need support. From someone to celebrate with when things are amazing to someone to vent with when things go awry. From someone to bounce questions and ideas off of to a community who values what you do enough to support your business dreams and goals through their investments with your business.  Or, perhaps…
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AmazonSmile = Helping you contribute to your favorite charity

Amazon Logo

Amazon’s launched a new initiative:  AmazonSmile as a way to give 0.5% of your eligible purchases to your favorite charity as you shop within Amazon’s site (and no worries…your “prime” free shipping stays intact). Here’s what they say about it: “AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization…
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Escalator Marketing: The What and How


A recent article describing 3 types of marketing left out a big one – Escalator Marketing™, and I thank Maryann, Jane, Louise and Sarah for sending emails asking why it was excluded as they wanted more of a definition (you can check out last week’s article here). You see, I don’t necessarily think of it…
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Booklets and Beyond – Making More Money Today Online and Offline

Paulette Ensign

The following is a guest post from Paulette Ensign. Almost every week people ask my long-time colleague Paulette Ensign if “how-to” tips booklets are still viable as a product – either for marketing a business, selling as a stand-alone product, or both, especially with so much happening now online with social media. Her answer is…
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3 Types of Marketing: Which 1, or 2, best describes your business


A recent topic of conversation at a retreat I held in Martha’s Vineyard, and one I thought you would enjoy, is the difference between “push”, “pursuit” and “attraction” marketing.  And how, in a primarily-virtual business, you can’t help but use at least two of the three. Let’s start with a definition and example of each:…
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He Tore Apart My Website Home Page


Recently I learned that the top of my website home page was reviewed on video by one of the big gurus. After poking some fun at my name, understandably, he went on to rip apart the portion he reviewed. Fair? Well, sorta.  In all the emails sent out, he referred to “website reviews”, not “reviewing…
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Business or Project Failing? What To Do

Hitting the reset button

One of the characters in Michael Grant’s Line of Duty novel states: “A guy I fish with once told me a funny story.  He’d just bought an anchor, and as he went forward to tie it to the anchor line, he slipped and fell overboard.  Suddenly, he’s sitting on the bottom of the lake in…
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