4 Decisions Holding Your Business Success Hostage

4 Notes

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re a funny bunch. Quirky (in good ways of course) to be sure, often unemployable (also a good thing) but often also pretty silly. We see better for others than for ourselves. In almost 10 years of working with hundreds of business owners and reflecting on things I’ve done, there…
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McDonald’s gets it wrong while Market Basket gets it right


Same day, minutes apart, two completely different experiences at McDonald’s and Market Basket (a Northeastern United States grocery store chain) and the lessons we can learn as a result. First, Market Basket. If you’re in the NE, you may be aware of the internal dispute the store’s going through. The beloved President has been forced…
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[Checklist] 5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Sale


Last issue, we discussed 2 ways your sales can go bad quick and started by sharing Jane’s experience of a 50% profit decrease with a 15% off discount (eek!). Today, let’s talk about things to consider when planning your next sale. First, is your business ready for a discount/sale – whether from new or existing…
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2 Ways Your Sales Can Go Bad Quick

blue 3d realistic paper speech bubble isolated on white

“Jane” called recently to ask if I could help figure out what happened in her business. She sent over some info and we scheduled a session. After reviewing everything, I saw what happened and, sadly, what many business owners do when business is slow and they want a cash flow surge or revenue jumpstart. Jane…
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It just takes a little initiative

Lakeville Police Dept

It’s Independence Day here in the US, it always amazes me how much a community can do, and how quickly it can be done. On Wednesday I spent, with 4 others, 2.5 hours “beautifying” our local police department. They’re in an old building which desperately needs updating and is basically drab. Not at all suited…
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7 Step Process to Get & Keep Your Business On Track


Another quarter’s “in the books”! Rather than ask how you feel about it (“GREAT!” I hope!), I thought I’d share the process I go through to prepare for the new quarter. At the end of each month/quarter, there are some planning/summary activities I like to do to ensure I’m on track: Run a Profit &…
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Why You Aren’t Getting More Done

Path to Productivity

This month’s Get It Done Right Community print newsletter has an article on The Path to Productivity. A second article in that newsletter mentions that about half of our readers will have stopped reading the “how-to” article and jumped to the below article to see if it answers the age-old question of “Why can’t I…
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The cure for entrepreneurial burnout

Natural Cures

WOW! Last week’s article on burnout inspired more responses than I imagined. . .with most of them starting with “How did you know?” or “You just described me!” So it’s only natural that we talk about the cure for burnout. First, there are several and it often differs for each of us. That said, you’ll…
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Symptoms of Entrepreneurial Burnout


How do you know you’re burned out? Is it: • Avoiding something you know you need to do? • Cringing at the thought of answering one more phone call or email? • Dreading walking into the office the next morning? As small business owners, it’s easy to get burned out. After all, we’re responsible for…
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